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Well today was crappy...I got up all ready to go to my lecture at 11 and felt very dandy indeed, super pumped because of my screen writting class as I actually had some pretty decent ideas for today. I was raring to go all wide eyed and eager...that is until I got in the shower.

Before you ask no I do not have some weird phobia of seeing my own naked body (though I wouldn't wish that on anyone *shudders*), I reached over to grab my shampoo and swayed into the wall as I nearly blacked out. Now I don't know what it is but last year I DID black out in the shower and hit my neck on the sink (it was in a very small Halls en-suite) and got a weird "u" shaped bruise which made me look like I'd either:

1-Tried to hang myself in a very weird positon

2-Had been having very kinky and extremly aggresive sex involving bondage of some kind

3-Had been leeched upon by some alien life form

Now of those 3 events the last one is the one most likely to happen to me so it wasn't easy to explain to people what had actually happened.

But I digress...

So I got out the shower collapsed to floor and started feeling incredibly incredibly ill, I now have a raging fever, a headache and my teeth itch. I reckon it's a government plot to get me through the water network by injecting some kind of high tech illegal poison they usally reserve for spies and kebab shop meat. But now I'm sitting her feeling like death with a fever and some soup in my PJs NOT in my lecture.

I'm le pissed at my phailing self

EDIT-OK it's NOT me...last nigh I was offered some Pizza I was PROMISED had no mushrooms in it...said person who offered pizza just came into my room saw me looking like death...and has admitted to me...THERE WERE FRIGGIN' MUSHOOMS IN THE FEAKIN' SAUCE ANNNNNND ON THE PIZZA!!!...they didn't tell me cos they thought I was "over exhaggerating my allergy"...*death stare* so now I have a sore chest and the worst stomach cramps ever....feckin' people

ANOTHER bloody entry...

...But this is important...T-Shirt Hell has been replaced as my favorite place to get clothes...*lets that settle*

Snorg tee-shirts are my new faves:


They're funnier, cuter and most importantly CHEAPER than the Hell

Good times :D


Why I'm so in lust with Amanda Palmer:

you can't tell me that wasn't the hottes thing you've ever seen *lusty eyes* REMID em to do a music blog about Amanda Plamer...she is amsing

And then the leasy lustful person on the planet...ME!

.....more craptacular video I mke when I'm bored :D


My personality score...

INFP - The "Dreamer"

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Follow the cut to see what it means...Collapse )

who else is one and what job should I do?Collapse )

*Edit-the coding is messed up and I can't be bothered to fix it

**Edit-I hopefully fixed the coding

Geeks are sexy...

Hollyoaks gets some lesbian action!!

Ok for the past 2 years I have grumbled and griped that none of the UK soaps have a lesbian character...there are plenty of gay men just never any lesbians...Hollyoaks has now given us some snogging girl on girl!!!



But sadly I sense after have a gay boyfriend Sara is not gonna come out...it's only a little notch in the great log of equal rights but it's a notch all the same...

See this is why I wanna be a writter (I wish I had the skills)  I wanna right scripts that include everyone so that some girl somewhere will realise she's not a frek for being gay...

In other news after a 3 hour rigging assesment (aka 3 hours of heavy lifting, carrying stuff up ladders an a lot of fiddling with electrical tape) I earned my "Tech staff" T shirt and came top of my class needless to say I was very very very stoked :D

Mr Burton...I love you

So a pic of JD as the Mad Hattter in Mr Burtos new Alice in wonderland flick got released...

I'm afraided....Collapse )
is is just me our did this film start getting intresting?
OMFG...last night was...intresting...I've been up for 30 hours cause I had to go to my lecture after going out last night so I'm very VERY tired...so instead of ranting full on at you I'll make a list:

Things that rocked...Collapse )</div>
So that's my night in a listy form...enjoy...I'm gonna go watch movies and sleep...peace out pimps

I so want a lot of stuff I can't afford...


here is my list of stuff I want but can't afford:

Womans celtic knowt pride ring:

These tee shrts:

This jacket:

These DVDs:




And I want the new rock band...is that asking too much?

La n la la la la

I've been singing again....run for cover!

The song I sang at open mic...I wrote it so it's emo

The calling sped up...bad times...